Technology Transfer Officers

WP Name of Technology Transfer Officer
WP2: Innovation and outreach Aurélie Pezous
WP3: Advanced software Witold Pokorski 
WP4: Micro-electronics and interconnections Christophe De La Taille
WP5: Data acquisition system for beam tests Matthew Wing
WP6: Novel high voltage and resistive CMOS sensors  Ivan Peric
WP7: Advanced hybrid pixel detectors Cinzia da Via
WP8: Large scale cryogenic liquid detectors  Christian Regenfus
WP9: New support structures and micro-channel cooling Alessandro Mapelli 
WP13: Innovative gas detectors  Silvia Dalla Torre
WP14: Infrastructure for advanced calorimeters  Etiennette Auffray Hillemanns
WP15: Upgrade of beam and irradiation test Juozas Vaitkus


The mandate of the Network of Technology Transfer Officers (NTTO) is:

  • To support the IP management (identification of background and foreground)
  • To monitor innovations in the relative WP, that could eventually be transferred to industries
  • To identify projects for Proof-of-Fund eligibility, according to a to be defined procedure
  • To select and propose for award projects to be funded.

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