WP1: Project management and coordination


  • Effective management and steering of the whole project
  • Monitoring of the scientific and technical progress in all Work Packages
  • Ensuring the contractual and administrative implementation
  • Following and reporting on the use of resources
  • Preparation of the periodic and final project reports


  • Task 1.1 Project management and coordination (CERN, CNRS-LAL)


Mil. no. Milestone name WP no. Planned delivery date Actual delivery date Status Comments
MS1 Consortium Agreement signed 1 M1 05/06/2015 Achieved  
MS3 AIDA-2020 Kick-off meeting 1 M2 22/06/2015 Achieved Report
MS9 1st AIDA-2020 Annual meeting 1 M12 17/06/2016 Achieved Report
MS44 2nd AIDA-2020 Annual meeting 1 M24 28/04/2017 Achieved Report
MS60 AIDA-2020 Mid-term Review 1 M25 15/05/2017 Achieved Report
MS78 3rd AIDA-2020 Annual meeting 1 M36 30/04/2018 Achieved Report 
MS101 4th AIDA-2020 Annual meeting (Marking the end of the fourth year of the project, Task 1.1) 1 M48 26/04/2019 Achieved Report
AIDA-2020 Final meeting
1 M60 14/05/2020 Achieved Report


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