WP13: Innovative gas detectors


  • Advanced detector developments in the sectors of RPCs (Resistive Plate Chamber) and of MPGDs (Micro-Pattern Gaseous Detectors)
  • Design and realization of tools to facilitate the detector development and dissemination in the sector of MPGDs
  • Preparation for large series production in the sectors of RPCs and of MPGDs


Task Task leaders

Task 13.1 Scientific coordination 

Silvia Dalla Torre (INFN)
Imad Laktineh (CNRS)
Task 13.2 Advanced detector developments  
Subtask 13.2.1  New resistive materials for high rate RPCs Paulo Fonte (LIP)
Subtask 13.2.2 Development of fast-timing large RPCs Imad Laktineh (CNRS)
Subtask 13.2.3 High rate and fine space resolution RPCs operated with eco-gases Giulio Aielli (INFN)
Subtask 13.2.4 Development of compact, spark-protected, single amplification-stage, high resolution MPGDs Giovanni Bencivenni (INFN)
Subtask 13.2.5  HIGH gain MPGDs based on advanced THGEMs and hybrid MPGDs Silvia Dalla Torre (INFN)

Task 13.3 Tools to facilitate the detector development

Subtask 13.3.1 Interfacing FE-chips specific to gas detectors to the scalable read-out system Eraldo Oliveri (CERN)
Subtask 13.3.2  Development of cheap, standard MPGD dedicated laboratory instruments Eraldo Oliveri (CERN)
Subtask 13.3.3  PCB development using HDI-technology and 3D-mounting of chips for MPGD readout Leif Jonsson (ULUND)

Task 13.4 Preparation for large series production

Subtask 13.4.1 Large size RPC detectors preserving mechanical precision Hubert Kroha (MPG-MPP)
Subtask 13.4.2 Establishing procedures and tools for large series resistive MICROMEGAS anodes Paul Colas (CEA)
Subtask 13.4.3 Control of foil/micromesh mechanical tensioning by optical techniques Luigi Benussi (INFN)
Subtask 13.4.4 Quality control tool for detailed gain maps (hole by hole) Dezso Varga (Wigner RCP)
Subtask 13.4.5 Design of a quality control system to ensure the electrical integrity of electrode patterns by pulse reflection method Antonio Ranieri (INFN)
Subtask 13.4.6 Production protocols of optimised RPC components for easy technology dissemination  Gabriella Puglisi (INFN)
Subtask 13.4.7 Standard production protocols of optimised MPGD components to facilitate technology dissemination Paul Colas (CEA)
WP13 Technology Transfer Officer Silvia Dalla Torre (INFN)


Del. no. Deliverable name WP no. Planned delivery date Actual delivery date Status  Comments
D13.6 Miniaturised HV power supply 13 M24 28/04/2017 Achieved Report
D13.7 Resistive anode manufacturing 13 M24 24/07/2017 Achieved Report
D13.1 Validation of new resistive materials for RPCs 13 M36 24/05/2018 Achieved Report
D13.9 Production protocols of optimised RPC components 13 M36 23/06/2018 Achieved Report
D13.3 Optimisation of large-size precise space-resolution RPC structures 13 M36 18/06/2018 Achieved Report
D13.4 Large-size prototype of R-WGEM 13 M44 22/01/2019 Achieved Report
D13.5 Prototype of a largesize high-gain MPGD 13 M44 21/12/2018 Achieved Report
D13.2 High-rate characterisation of large-size RPC prototypes 13 M44 18/01/2019 Achieved Report
D13.8 MPGD gain map hole-by-hole 13 M44 18/02/2019 Achieved Report


Mil. no. Milestone name WP no. Planned delivery date Actual delivery date Status Comments
MS12 Optical system for the quality assessment of MPGD foil/ mesh mechanical tensioning 13 M12 26/04/2016 Achieved Report
MS52 High-rate RPC prototype ready 13 M24 30/03/2017 Achieved Report
MS53 Small-size prototype of the R-WGEM built and qualified 13 M24 19/04/2017 Achieved Report
MS54 Integrated FBG sensors for monitoring the mechanical tension of MPGD films and meshes 13 M24 31/05/2017 Achieved Report
MS55 Quality control system to ensure the electrical integrity of electrode patterns 13 M24 26/04/2017 Achieved Report
MS61 Qualification of the new candidate materials for THGEM substrate 13 M26 16/06/2017 Achieved Report
MS69 Mechanical structure and supports for large, thin-gap RPCs 13 M30 30/10/2017 Achieved Report
MS83 Interfacing the FE chip VMM128, GEMROC, TIMEPIX3 to SRS 13 M36 30/04/2018 Achieved Report
MS84 Protocol and specifications for MPGD production and quality control 13 M36 26/06/2018 Achieved Report 
MS93 RPC performance results with ecofriendly gases and use of recirculation gas systems 13 M44 01/04/2019 Achieved Report
MS94 PCB development using HDItechnology and 3D-mounting of chips for MPGD readout 13 M44 21/02/2019 Achieved Report


The list of WP13 publications can be found in CDS. 

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