WP14: Infrastructure for advanced calorimeters


  • Extend the infrastructure in Europe for the development of calorimeter systems for the HL-LHC and for future colliders, capitalising on investments made in the EUDET and AIDA projects:
  • Develop facilities for the systematic examination of novel optical materials and for the large scale investigation of silicon photomultipliers coupled to plastic scintillators for highly granular calorimeters
  • Preparation of the construction of large scale calorimeters with silicon readout and validation of sensors in the context of LHC temperature and radiation hardness requirements
  • Implementation of standards to enable the common running of prototypes of highly granular calorimeters with other detector systems and development of highly compact data acquisition systems for full sized detectors
  • Enabling the study of the thermal behaviour of large scale calorimeter systems and validation of production techniques for massive absorber structures


Task Task leaders
Task 14.1 Scientific coordination Roman Pöschl (CNRS-LAL)
Frank Simon (MPG-MPP)
Task 14.2 Test infrastructure for innovative calorimeters with optical readout Etiennette Auffray Hillemanns (CERN)
Lucia Masetti (JGU)
Task 14.3 Test infrastructure for innovative calorimeters with semiconductor readout Vincent Boudry (CNRS-LLR)
Marek Idzik (AGH-UST)
Task 14.4 Readout systems for innovative calorimeters Katja Krüger (DESY)
Dirk Zerwas (CNRS-LAL)
Task 14.5 Mechanical and thermal tools for innovative calorimeters MaryCruz Fouz (CIEMAT)
Denis Grondin (CNRS-LPSC)
WP14 Technology Transfer Officer Etiennette Auffray Hillemanns (CERN)


Del. no. Deliverable name WP no. Planned delivery date Actual delivery date Status  Comments
D14.8 Large leak-less system, thermal model 14 M36 18/06/2018 Achieved Report
D14.3 Advanced Assembly chain for Si calorimeters 14 M36 18/05/2018 Achieved Report
D14.5 Common running of calorimeter prototypes 14 M36 18/05/2018 Achieved Report
D14.2 Performance of test infrastructure for highly granular optical readout 14 M40 20/08/2018 Achieved Report 
D14.7 Electron beam welding demonstrator 14 M42 07/12/2018 Achieved Report
D14.6 Updated readout system 14 M44 24/01/2019 Achieved Report
D14.1 Fibre test benches 14 M47 06/03/2019 Achieved Report
D14.4 Very compact calorimeters 14 M57 31/01/2020 Achieved Report


Mil. no. Milestone name WP no. Planned delivery date Actual delivery date Status Comments
MS13 Specification of systems for highly granular scintillator tests 14 M12 29/04/2016 Achieved Report
MS14 Assembly and QA chain demonstration for highly granular silicon calorimeters 14 M12 23/06/2016 Achieved Report
MS15 Design specifications of test stations for irradiated silicon sensors and LHC oriented frontend electronics 14 M12 24/06/2016 Achieved Report
MS31 Design of cooling systems for tungsten / carbonfibre and for hadron calorimeter structures 14 M18 31/10/2016 Achieved Report
MS56 Commissioning of Fibre Test benches 14 M24 07/04/2017 Achieved Report
MS57 Design and test of ASICs and readout board prototype for the test infrastructure 14 M24 19/04/2017 Achieved Report
MS58 Definition of optical and electrical coupling of readout, interface functionality and DIF design 14 M24 13/04/2017 Achieved Report


The list of WP14 publications can be found in CDS. 

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