WP15: Upgrade of beam and irradiation test infrastructure


  • improve the test beam and irradiation facilities infrastructures at various European sites
  • upgrade the facilities design towards qualitative and quantitative enhancements
  • enhance the services offered to users
  • ensure the follow up of the tasks and monitor the use of the resources
  • prepare of the periodic and final project reports


Task Task leaders
Task 15.1 Scientific coordination

Marcel Stanitzki (DESY)

Federico Ravotti (CERN)

Task 15.2 Improvements of test beam infrastructure for high precision tracking Jan Dreyling‐Eschweiler (DESY)
Task 15.3 Improvements of the DESY test beam infrastructure Mengqing Wu  (DESY)
Task 15.4 Improvements of the test beam infrastructure at INFN-LNF Paolo Valente (INFN-LNF)
Task 15.5 Improvements of the infrastructure for irradiation tests
  • CERN IRRAD Proton Facility Upgrade
  • Contactless Particle Fluence Monitor
  • Cold Irradiation at Birmingham Proton Facility
  • Transport system for large objects at JSI Neutron Facility
  • CERN GIF++ Gas system Upgrade
  • Instantaneous dose‐rate monitor for CERN GIF++
  • Improved cosmic‐rays tracker for CERN GIF++
  • Augmented reality demonstrator for CERN GIF++

Federico Ravotti (CERN)

Juozas Vaitkus (VU)

Richard French (USFD)

Marko Mikuz (JSI)

Roberto Guida (CERN)

Plamen Stoianov Iaydjiev (INRNE)

Davide Boscherini (INFN)

Giulio Aielli (INFN)

WP15 Technology Transfer Officer Juozas Vaitkus (VU)


Del. no. Deliverable name WP no. Planned delivery date Actual delivery date Status  Comments
D15.9 JSI TRIGA Reactor Transport system 15 M18 04/11/2016 Achieved Report
D15.1 CERN pixel beam telescope for the PS 15 M24 27/03/2017 Achieved Report 
D15.6 CERN proton facility upgrade 15 M24 11/05/2017 Achieved Report
D15.10 GIF++ gas system 15 M24 31/05/2017 Achieved Report
D15.3 Environmental control system at DESY 15 M30 27/10/2017 Achieved Report
D15.4 New Frascati beam line 15 M30 07/06/2019 Achieved


Justification for delay

D15.2 Silicon strip reference tracker at DESY 15 M36 29/03/2019 Achieved


Justification for delay

D15.8 Cold irradiations at Birmingham 15 M36 10/04/2018 Achieved Report
D15.7 Radiation-hard facility instrumentation for the CERN proton facility 15 M44 25/02/2019 Achieved Report
D15.11 GIF++ Facility upgrade 15 M48 30/04/2020 Achieved


Justification for delay

D15.5 Frascati photon tagging system 15 M52 30/04/2020 Achieved Report


Mil. no. Milestone name WP no. Planned delivery date Actual delivery date Status Comments
MS16 Specifications for IRRAD sample & user management system and online database fixed 15 M12 08/06/2016 Achieved Report
MS17 Design of a transport system for neutron irradiations of large samples 15 M12 08/06/2016 Achieved Report
MS32 Pixel telescope hardware assembled 15 M18 31/10/2016 Achieved Report
MS33 Environmental control system hardware installed 15 M18 24/10/2016 Achieved Report
MS34 New Frascati beam line components installed 15 M18 15/11/2018 Achieved Report
MS35 Test of various low cost silicon materials for fluence monitor concluded 15 M18 31/10/2016 Achieved Report
MS36 Concept of cold box evaluated and design fixed 15 M18 31/10/2016 Achieved Report
MS37 Design of the additional cosmic trackers on the other side of the source and on the side walls 15 M18 01/11/2016 Achieved Report
MS59 Silicon strip reference tracker hardware ready 15 M24 08/12/2017 Achieved Report
MS70 Photon tagging components installed 15 M30 07/11/2017 Achieved Report
MS85 Installation and commissioning of instantaneous dose rate monitoring system 15 M36 03/04/2018 Achieved Report
MS86 Test of the different software modules as event display, camera position tracking and user interface 15 M36 19/04/2018 Achieved Report


The list of WP15 publications can be found in CDS. 

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