WP2: Innovation and outreach

Unpacking of the first 8” n-on-p wafers from Infineon (Task 2.5)


  • Coordination, monitoring and organisation of the activities in WP2
  • Planning and implementation of project communication, including reporting
  • Identification of the key technology areas and liaise with industries, 
  • Setting-up and management of the Proof-of-Concept fund, including the following up of the funded projects
  • Pre-industrialization of large area silicon detectors and business intelligence for assessment of needed industrial capabilities


Task Task leaders
Task 2.1 Scientific coordination Aurelie Pezous (CERN)
Task 2.2 Communication, dissemination and outreach Daniela Antonio (CERN)
Task 2.3 Industrial relations and technology transfer Aurelie Pezous (CERN)
Task 2.4 Management of the Proof-of-Concept (PoC) fund Aurelie Pezous (CERN)
Task 2.5 Pre-industrialisation of large area silicon detectors Thomas Bergauer (OEAW)


Del. no. Deliverable name WP no. Planned delivery date Actual delivery date Status  Comments
D2.1 Key technological areas (identification of technologies for potential transfer to industry) 2 M14 31/10/2016 Achieved Report
D2.2 PoC selection (selection and definition of grants for the projects) 2 M23 17/03/2017 Achieved Report
D2.3 Identification of companies (production capabilities including evaluation of possible samples and prototypes) 2 M44 18/01/2019 Achieved Report
D2.4 PoC projects assessment (final review and perspective of PoC supported projects) 2 M60 30/04/2020 Achieved Report
D2.5 Use of AIDA-2020 results 2 M60 30/04/2020 Achieved Report


Mil. no. Milestone name WP no. Planned delivery date Actual delivery date Status Comments
MS2 Project Website launched 2 M1 03/06/2015 Achieved Report
MS4 Project Communication Plan 2 M2 30/06/2015 Achieved Report
MS5 Network of Technology Transfer Officers established 2 M3 27/07/2015 Achieved Report
MS6 Non-disclosure Agreement and Background declarations ready 2 M3 05/06/2015 Achieved Part of the CA
MS10 Criteria to define, identify, and select key technologies for the PoC Fund 2 M12 26/05/2016 Achieved Report
MS30 Identification of European company(s) interested in large area sensor production 2 M18 31/10/2016 Achieved Report 
MS38 Review and selection of the project(s) to support through the PoC Fund 2 M20 24/01/2017 Achieved Report
MS45 1st AIDA-2020 “Academia meets Industry” event 2 M24 28/04/2017 Achieved Report
MS71 Progress review of the selected projects(s) for the PoC Fund 2 M34 19/02/2018 Achieved Report 
MS79 2nd AIDA-2020 “Academia meets Industry” event 2 M36 30/04/2018 Achieved Report


The list of WP2 publications can be found in CDS.

Proof-of-Concept Fund

The call for proposals Proof of Concept can be found here.

More information on the selected projects can be found here.

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