WP8: Large scale cryogenic liquid detectors


Task 8.1 Scientific coordination (Task Leaders: D.Autiero, IPNL and S. Murphy, ETHZ)
• Coordinate and schedule the execution of the WP tasks
• Monitor the work progress (milestone and deliverable reports), follow-up on the WP budget and the use of resources
• Organise WP meetings

Task 8.2 Purification and monitoring (Task Leader: M. Campanelli, UCL)
• Validate the scaling of purification systems for massive cryogenic detectors
• Assessment of common measurement techniques for purity monitoring
• Assessment of techniques for the control of liquid levels and for the measurement of the thermodynamic conditions in cryogenic detectors in the liquid and gas phases.

Task 8.3 Charge readout and double phase (Task Leader: D. Autiero, IPNL)
• Assessment of ionisation charge readout techniques in liquefied noble gases
• Development of double-phase techniques for the ionisation charges amplification
• Assessment of charge readout front-end cryogenic electronics and large scale digitisation systems
• Definition of a basic setup (detector + associated electronics) for sharing in the HEP community

Task 8.4 Light readout (Task Leader: I. Gil-Botella, CIEMAT)
• Evaluation of large area photo-detectors for the readout of the scintillation light in liquefied noble gases
• Assessment of wavelength-shifting techniques for large area conversion surfaces in cryogenic detectors
• Assessment of the digitisation techniques of the scintillation signals in liquefied noble gases and definition of a basic setup (photodetector + associated electronics) for sharing in the HEP community

Task 8.5 Very high voltage (VHV) (Task Leader, A. Rubbia, ETHZ)
• Reviewing of very high voltages O (100kV-MV) generation techniques
• VHV transport, connection to VHV generators and design of VHV feed-throughs
• Characterise phenomena related to high fields in noble gases and liquids and electrical breakdown
• Characterise cathodes and drift field cages for noble liquid’s time projection chambers

Task 8.6 Magnetisation (Task Leader: P. Soler, Glasgow)
• Evaluation of magnetisation based on Superconducting Transmission Lines (STL)
• Evaluation of magnetisation based on High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) lines
• First tests of the novel magnetisation schemes


Del. no. Deliverable name WP no. Planned delivery date Actual delivery date Status  Comments
D8.1 Purification and monitoring 8 M44      
D8.2 Charge readout and double phase 8 M42      
D8.3 Light readout 8 M46      
D8.4 Very high Voltage 8 M40      
D8.5 Magnetisation of large-scale cryogenic liquid detectors 8 M46      


Mil. no. Milestone name WP no. Planned delivery date Actual delivery date Status Comments
MS72 Bi-annual progress reports and meetings on purification and monitoring 8 M35      
MS73 Bi-annual progress reports and meetings on ionisation charge readout 8 M35      
MS74 Bi-annual progress reports and meetings on light readout 8 M35      
MS75 Bi-annual progress reports and meetings on very high voltage 8 M35      
MS76 Bi-annual progress reports and meetings on magnetisation 8 M35      


The list of WP8 publications can be found in CDS. 

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