WP9: New support structures and micro-channel cooling


  • Improve the integration of ultra-light support structures and cooling devices in the design of future detectors
  • Develop the missing building blocks for a generalized implementation of micro-channel cooling devices
  • Provide common standards for the fabrication and testing of micro-channel cooling devices
  • Develop a facility for low-mass support structure testing, with adequate standards for characterization and validation
  • Provide and validate test structures and libraries for FEA simulations


Task Task leaders
Task 9.1 Scientific coordination Paolo Petagna (CERN)
Georg Viehhauser (UOXF)
Task 9.2 Micro-channel cooling building blocks Giovanni Calderini (CNRS-LPNHE)
Subtask 9.2a Prototypes Marco Bomben (CNRS-LPNHE)
Filippo Bosi (INFN Pisa)
Subtask 9.2b Connectors Alessandro Mapelli (CERN)
Marcel Vos (CSIC-IFIC)
Subtask 9.2c Simulations Yvonne Moussy (CERN)
Davide Delcol (UniPadova)
Subtask 9.2d Test facilities and test execution Paolo Petagna (CERN)
Andrea Cioncolini (UNIMAN)
Task 9.3 Low mass mechanical structures Georg Viehhauser (UOXF)
WP9 Technology Transfer Officer Alessandro Mapelli (CERN)


Del. no. Deliverable name WP no. Planned delivery date Actual delivery date Status  Comments
D9.5 Advanced Mechanical facility requirements 9 M14 05/08/2016 Achieved Report
D9.6 Common test structures 9 M24 19/05/2017 Achieved Report
D9.1 Station for tests on μ- channel test devices 9 M30 03/11/2017 Achieved Report
D9.2 μ-channel prototypes 9 M30 30/11/2017 Achieved Report
D9.3 Technology recommendations for μ-channel cooling 9 M46 09/03/2020 Achieved Report
D9.4 Qualification and characterisation of μ- channel cooling 9 M46 09/03/2020 Achieved Report
D9.7 Standard procedures for qualification and characterisation 9 M58 14/04/2020 Achieved Report


Mil. no. Milestone name WP no. Planned delivery date Actual delivery date Status Comments
MS8 Advanced Mechanical Distributed facility requirements 9 M9 16/06/2016 Achieved Report
MS24 CFD models available 9 M14 25/08/2016 Achieved Report
MS77 Standard connectors available 9 M35 18/04/2018 Achieved Report
MS82 Validated CFD models ready 9 M36 19/06/2018 Achieved Report
MS99 Advanced Mechanical Distributed facility ready 9 M46 28/02/2019 Achieved Report


The list of WP9 publications can be found in CDS. 

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