AIDA-2020 telescope progress
by Barbara Warmbein (DESY), 21/10/2016

Hendrik Jansen and Jan Dreyling-Eschweiler during commissioning of the telescope at DESY (Image: DESY)

The beam telescope built for the AIDA-2020 project has made its journey from DESY in Hamburg, Germany, to CERN in Geneva. It was successfully commissioned at the DESY test beam facilities with 1 to 6 GeV particles and after its arrival at CERN in September 2016 it was commissioned again in its final home in the Proton Synchrotron test area at CERN, ready to receive 7-GeV protons and its first user.

"It works: the entire system has been put to a realistic test and showed a reliable operation," says Jan Dreyling-Eschweiler, who coordinates the beam telescope activities together with Hendrik Jansen at DESY. Jansen adds: "The data analysis revealed that two out of six sensors did not meet our requirements and have been replaced with spares. Now it is ready to take up duty at CERN.”

After final commissioning the telescope will welcome its first user. It now also has a name. Like all six other telescopes, it is named after a poisonous plant: AZALEA, which stands for “AIDA2020 Zero-suppressed Acquisition teLEescope Assembly”.

The AIDA-2020 telescope AZALEA was installed at CERN in September. (Image: DESY / CERN)

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