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Under the AIDA-2020 TA programme, CERN provides access to 3 facilities

  • PS (proton synchrotron) and SPS (super proton synchrotron) for test beams
  • IRRAD for irradiations
  • GIF++ for irradiations


Test beams

  • PS & SPS: The CERN PS (proton synchrotron) and SPS (super proton synchrotron) test beams provide particle beams in the energy range from 1 GeV to ~350 GeV. Upstream of the physicist’s test set-up sophisticated beam line equipment allows selection of the type, polarity and energy of particles as well as the beam intensity.

Beam Line

pmax (GeV/c)

Intensity/pulse for 1012ppp incident

Beam type



9x107 p+ at 200 GeV/c
3x107 p- at 200 GeV/c
4x106 e± at 150 GeV/c
1x105 Pb at 400 GeV/Z

High-energy hadron or electron beam for physics or tests 

Heavy ion beam



9x107 p+ at 200 GeV/c
3x10p- at 200 GeV/c
4x10e± at 150 GeV/c>107p at 400GeV/c
1x105 Pb at 400 GeV/Z

High-energy hadron or electron beam for physics or tests
Att. proton beam

Heavy ion beam



1x108 p+ at 150 GeV/c
4x107 p- at 150 GeV/c

Medium energy hadron beam, also for tertiary test beams



1x107 p  at 400 GeV/c
2x108 p+ at 200 GeV/c
7x107 p- at 200 GeV/c
1x105 Pb at 400 GeV/Z

Att. proton beam 
High-energy hadron or electron beam for physics or tests
Heavy ion beam



Access to two irradiation facilities at CERN is supported through the AIDA-2020 TA programme:


1) IRRAD (24 GeV/c protons): The irradiation facility is located in the EAST AREA of the CERN PS (Proton Synchrotron). It offers the possibility to expose materials to protons of 24 GeV/c. Objects with an area of up to 10 cm2 can be exposed to fluences of up to 1015 particles/cm2. Smaller objects can be irradiated up to higher fluences reaching up to 1017 particles/cm2 in irradiation experiments for which a beam spot of 5 mm2 FWHM is sufficient.
More information about the facility can be found here ​

2) GIF++ (gamma source & H4 beam): The GIF++ facility is located in the H4 beam line of the CERN SPS North Area. It is combining a high energy charged particle beam (mainly muon beam with momentum up to 100 GeV/c, see H4 beam line characteristics below) with a 14 TBq 137Cesium source. The main purpose of this facility is to perform test beam experiments of gas detectors in an intense gamma background field. The 100 m2 GIF++ irradiation bunker has two independent irradiation zones making it possible to test real size detectors, of up to several m2, as well as a broad range of smaller prototype detectors and electronic components. The photon flux of each irradiation zone can be tuned using a set of lead filters with attenuation factors up to 50,000. More information about the facility can be found here 


The minimum duration of access to the test beam area and irradiation facilities is 8 hours and can span to several weeks.



East Area


Momentum range

Momentum Resolution


Nominal Intensity *

Intensity range (relative)



1-15 GeV/c (±)







1-7 GeV/c (±)







1-3.6 GeV/c (±)







24 GeV/c




from MCR


* Intensity is for 1% momentum bite, nominal target and 2.1011 ppp on target and intensity collimator(s) wide opened.














Reimbursement information

  1. Transnational Access users (Researchers from other institutes) of the Test Beams and Irradiation facilities may receive subsistence expenses only if their project / experiment has been approved by the AIDA-2020 Facility Coordinator at CERN in advance. He shall check the eligibility of the user group w.r.t the EC requirements, specified in Article 16 of the H2020 General and Annotated Grant Agreement .
  2. Within the framework of TA in AIDA-2020, CERN users who are registered at more than 50% are not eligible for reimbursement. 
  3. Prior to the arrival of the TA users at CERN, a Letter of Invitation will be sent by the AIDA-2020 Coordination Office to the Project / Group leader, listing all members of the group that will participate in the TA.
  4. The number of user visits and days spent at CERN that will be covered by EU funds shall be within the limits specified in the Letter of Invitation.
  5. Travel to CERN and local transportation (Bus, Taxi…) will not be entitled to reimbursement through AIDA-2020 Transnational Access central budget.
  6. Subsistence allowance shall however be reimbursed up to 138CHF per day (for each night in the Geneva area). It will be reimbursed after the visit through an EDH Claim, prepared by the coordination office, based upon the Personal TA Declaration, which each user has to sign during his / her stay at CERN and a copy of the travel receipt or a boarding pass.
  7. Users that have not signed the Personal TA Declaration will not be in the position to receive any reimbursement.
  8. TA reimbursements will be made exclusively to the users on an individual basis.
  9. CERN will not reimburse in any form the advance payments or reimbursements made by their home institute.


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