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TRIGA-Mark-III reactor

  • Built in 1966

  • There are hot-cell laboratories and various neutron irradiation facilities.

  • Reactor power 250 kW maximum

  • Total flux is 4*1012 cm-2s-1 (central channel).

  • Several in-core and ex-core irradiation channels

  • Maximum uninterrupted irradiation time is 16h.

Types of irradiationReactor core

In-core (fast & thermal neutrons)

  • Flux 1-4*1012 cm-2s-1
  • Hardness factor ~0.9
  • Sample size < 20*7*1 cm3

Dry chamber (thermal neutrons, regenerated fast neutrons)

  • Flux <5*108 cm-2s-1
  • Bigger samples possibleReactor core

In-core off mode (gamma)

  • Secondary radiation of the core when reactor is off
  • Monitored with RADFETS
  • 50 Rad/s max, levels off at 20 Rad/s

The preferred method is to send samples for irradiation at the JSI TRIGA-Mark-III reactor. Users are welcome to come with their samples to JSI, but will need to cover their travel costs.


For further details please contact the facility coordinator

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