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Since 2001 the Institut für Experimentelle Kernphysik  at the KIT performs proton irradiations for the High Energy Physics community. Starting with irradiation qualification of silicon sensors during the production of the CMS Silicon Strip Tracker, we perform irradiations for  various customers from Germany and Europe. The proton cyclotron is run by the company ZAG and the planning, sample preparation and irradiation is done by us.

Here are some parameters of the beam:

  • Proton energy at extraction: 25.3MeV
  • Typical proton current: 2.0μA
  • Temperature in box: ~ -30°C
  • Beam spot ~ 7mm (varying)
  • Flux ~ 2.5e13 p/(s·cm²)

KIT can irradiate 1015 -1016 neq/cm2 per session (depending on size, temp.req.). KIT also has available an X-ray station for 800 krad/h.


The preferred method is to send samples for irradiation at KIT. Users are welcome to come with their samples to KIT, but will need to cover their travel costs. 


For more information please contact the irradiation team. Responsible person Alexander Dierlamm.

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