Particle physics tools to push the boundaries of knowledge

AIDA-2020 was featured as a success story in a European-Commission H2020 campaign.

New dosimeter
design for FCC


First prototypes of a new radiation sensors manufactured at the Centre of Micronanotechnology (CMi) of EPFL.


6th EIROforum School on Instrumentation

ESI 2019 will take place on 13-17 May, hosted by ESA. Financial support will be given to a limited number of students. Application deadline 15 March.

AIDA-2020 to run
until 2020


European Commission signed project extension for a new end date on 30 April of 2020, in time for the European Strategy Update for Particle Physics.


upgrades RPCs


To satisfy the needs of future accelerators, RPCs have undergone a technological upgrade.

A puzzle a day...

Our new series introduces AIDA-2020 researchers, starting with Uwe Krämer, (real) physicist and (pretend) preacher of a doomsday cult.


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