AIDA-2020 second Annual Meeting

AIDA-2020 hosted its second Annual Meeting at LPNHE in Paril, April 2017.

Academia meets Industry with AIDA-2020

An interdisciplinary meeting on medical imaging and processing.


The Unified Solids library for VecGeom

New high performance software available for detector element modelling

Feeding the voltage through to the cage

A new feedthrough brings 300 kV to future liquid argon TPCs.



One (facility) list to find them all

A new database of international irradiation facilities is now online.

Hadronic calorimeters use AIDA beam telescope for tests

An international team tested six layers of active elements for future calorimeters.


Susceptibility characterization of DEPFET pixel systems

ITAINNOVA welcomed researchers to test DEPFET prototypes for Belle II.

Proof of Concept fund announces successful applicants

AIDA-2020 innovation fund selects three projects to receive funding.


AIDA-2020 2nd Annual Meeting announcement

The second Annual Meeting will take place at LPNHE in Paris, France.

Pandora: Opening the box on neutrinos

MicroBooNe Pandora software development kit modified under AIDA-2020.










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