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Birmingham MC40 Proton/Light Ion Cyclotron

The Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics Groups at Birmingham have been operating the MC40 cyclotron with UK colleagues from Sheffield and Liverpool for a number of years as an irradiation facility for colleagues in nuclear, medical and particle physics (RD50, ATLAS and LHCb) collaborations. The proton cyclotron is run by the Nuclear Physics Group and the planning, sample preparation and irradiation is done by them in conjunction with the Particle Physics Group. 

Here are some parameters of the beam:

  • Proton energy at extraction: up to 40MeV
  • Proton current: up to 2μA (cooling permitting)
  • Temperature in box: ~ - 40°C
  • Beam spot ~ 10mm × 10mm
  • Stage range: 45cm × 40cm; cold scan area: 15cm × 15cm
  • Flux ~ 1013 protons s-1cm-2

In AIDA-2020 there is a total of 240 units of access available (roughly hours of beam plus preparation time). We can irradiate 1015 -1016 neq/cm2 per irradiation project (depending on size and cooling requirements) with the possibility of electrical connection and limited read-out during irradiation if set up by the user.

Access to this facility is part of AIDA-2020 WP11. The preferred method is to prepare samples on frames to specifications provided by the UK Irradiation Team and send these along with instructions for the required operating conditions during irradiation. Birmingham has facilities for storing devices at low temperature and the nearby Particle Physics Group operates a suite of cleanrooms with wire-bonding and assembly facilities in case help is needed (but these are not funded through WP11). Colleagues are welcome to come with their samples to Birmingham but no central funds are held there to help with travel costs etc.


For more information please contact the UK irradiation team. Responsible person David Parker.

UK Irradiation Team

Richard French

Kerry Parker

Paul Hodgson

Hector Marin-Reyes

Paul Kemp-Russell

Simon Dixon

Paul Dervan (ATLAS-UK Irradiation)

Gianluigi Casse

Sven Wonsak

Marko Milovanovic

Laura Gonella

David Parker (AIDA-2020 Responsible)

John Wilson

Kostas Nikolopoulos

Daniel Briglin 

Jack Lindon

Phil Allport (AIDA-2020 Contact)

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