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Year 1

There are no deliverables due in Year 1. 

Year 2

Del. Deliverable name WP Planned delivery date Actual delivery date Status Comments
D2.1 Key technological areas WP2 M14 31/10/2016 Achieved Report
D9.5 Advanced Mechanical facility requirements WP9 M14 05/08/2016 Achieved Report
D5.1 Interface definition WP5 M15 05/09/2016 Achieved Report
D7.1 Simulation of 3D pixel sensor cells WP7 M18 04/11/2016 Achieved Report
D7.2 Simulation active edge sensors WP7 M18 04/11/2016 Achieved Report
D7.3 LGAD simulation WP7 M18 04/11/2016 Achieved Report
D15.9 JSI TRIGA Reactor Transport system WP15 M18 04/11/2016 Achieved Report
D2.2 PoC selection WP2 M23 17/03/2017 Achieved Report
D7.6 Initial pixel characterisation WP7 M24 28/04/2017 Achieved Report
D9.6 Common test structures WP9 M24 19/05/2017 Achieved Report
D13.6 Miniaturised HV power supply WP13 M24 28/04/2017 Achieved Report
D13.7 Resistive anode manufacturing WP13 M24 24/07/2017 Achieved Report
D15.1 CERN pixel beam telescope for the PS WP15 M24 27/03/2017 Achieved Report 
D15.6 CERN proton facility upgrade WP15 M24 11/05/2017 Achieved Report
D15.10 GIF++ gas system WP15 M24 31/05/2017 Achieved Report

Year 3

Del. Deliverable name WP Planned delivery date Actual delivery date Status Comments
D5.2 Trigger Logic Unit ready WP5 M30 15/12/2017 Achieved Report
D5.3 Data acquisition software WP5 M30 06/12/2017 Achieved Report
D5.4 Data acquisition hardware WP5 M30 22/12/2017 Achieved Report
D5.5 Online event data model WP5 M30 30/11/2017 Achieved Report
D7.5 Wafer Layout MPW run WP7 M30 14/12/2017 Achieved Report
D9.1 Station for tests on μ- channel test devices WP9 M30 03/11/2017 Achieved Report 
D9.2 μ-channel prototypes WP9 M30 30/11/2017 Achieved Report
D15.3 Environmental control system at DESY WP15 M30 27/10/2017 Achieved Report
D15.4 New Frascati beam line WP15 M30 07/06/2019 Achieved


Justification for delay

D3.1 Implementation of extensions in USolids WP3 M32 20/12/2017 Achieved Report
D3.2 Implementation of DD4hep extensions WP3 M34 27/02/2018 Achieved Report
D3.6 Geant4 based simulation toolkit DDG4 WP3 M35 12/03/2018 Achieved Report
D3.3 Alignment Toolkit WP3 M36 27/04/2018 Achieved Report
D4.1 CMOS 65 nm engineering run WP4 M36 09/04/2018 Achieved Report
D4.2 BICMOS SiGe engineering run WP4 M36 09/04/2018 Achieved Report
D13.1 Validation of new resistive materials for RPCs WP13 M36 24/05/2018 Achieved Report
D13.3 Optimisation of large-size precise space-resolution RPC structures WP13 M36 18/06/2018 Achieved Report
D13.9 Production protocols of optimised RPC components WP13 M36 23/06/2018 Achieved Report 
D14.3 Advanced Assembly chain for Si calorimeters WP14 M36 18/05/2018 Achieved Report
D14.5 Common running of calorimeter prototypes WP14 M36 18/05/2018 Achieved Report
D14.8 Large leak-less system, thermal model WP14 M36 18/06/2018 Achieved Report
D15.2 Silicon strip reference tracker at DESY WP15 M36 29/03/2019 Achieved


D15.8 Cold irradiations at Birmingham WP15 M36 10/04/2018 Achieved Report

Year 4

Del. Deliverable name WP Planned delivery date Actual delivery date Status Comments
D3.8 Advanced Particle Flow algorithms WP3 M38 25/06/2018 Achieved Report 
D3.7 Advanced Tracking tools WP3 M39 20/01/2020 Achieved


Justification for delay

D3.4 Event Data Model toolkit WP3 M40 24/09/2018 Achieved Report
D6.1 TCAD libraries WP6 M40 30/09/2018 Achieved  Report
D6.6 Assemblies delivered WP6 M40 31/08/2018 Achieved Report
D8.4 Very high Voltage WP8 M40 31/08/2018 Achieved Report
D14.2 Performance of test infrastructure for highly granular optical readout WP14 M40 20/08/2018 Achieved Report
D6.5 Optimised interconnection process WP6 M42 13/05/2019 Achieved


Justification for delay

D14.7 Electron beam welding demonstrator WP14 M42 07/12/2018 Achieved Report
D2.3 Identification of companies (production capabilities including evaluation of possible samples and prototypes) WP2 M44 18/01/2019 Achieved Report
D8.1 Purification and monitoring WP8 M44 21/12/2018 Achieved  Report 
D13.2 High-rate characterisation of large-size RPC prototypes WP13 M44 18/01/2019 Achieved Report
D13.4 Large-size prototype of R-WGEM WP13 M44 22/01/2019 Achieved Report
D13.5 Prototype of a largesize high-gain MPGD WP13 M44 21/12/2018 Achieved Report 
D13.8 MPGD gain map hole-by-hole WP13 M44 18/02/2019 Achieved Report
D14.6 Updated readout system WP14 M44 24/01/2019 Achieved Report
D15.7 Radiation-hard facility instrumentation for the CERN proton facility WP15 M44 25/02/2019 Achieved Report
D6.2 Sensor-design guidelines WP6 M46 02/04/2019 Achieved Report
D6.7 Recommendation for industrialisation WP6 M46 22/03/2019 Achieved Report
D8.3 Light readout WP8 M46 29/03/2019 Achieved Report
D8.5 Magnetisation of large-scale cryogenic liquid detectors WP8 M46 08/03/2019 Achieved Report
D9.3 Technology recommendations for μ-channel cooling WP9 M46 09/03/2020 Achieved Report
D9.4 Qualification and characterisation of μ- channel cooling WP9 M46 09/03/2020 Achieved Report
D14.1 Fibre test benches WP14 M47 06/03/2019 Achieved Report
D15.11 GIF++ Facility upgrade WP15 M48 M54 Delayed Justification for delay

Year 5

Del. Deliverable name WP Planned delivery date Actual delivery date Status Comments
D15.5 Frascati photon tagging system WP15 M52      
D7.4 TCAD model radiation damage WP7 M52 31/12/2019 Achieved Report
D7.7 Final pixel characterisation WP7 M52 31/12/2019 Achieved Report
D7.8 LGAD characterisation WP7 M52 25/03/2020 Achieved Report
D4.3 Through Silicon Vias production WP4 M54 19/12/2019 Achieved Report
D8.2 Charge readout and double phase WP8 M54 19/12/2019 Achieved Report
D3.5 Parallel versions of event processing frameworks WP3 M56 15/01/2020 Achieved Report
D5.6 Common DAQ system used in combined beam tests WP5 M57 31/01/2020 Achieved Report
D14.4 Very compact calorimeters WP14 M57 31/01/2020 Achieved Report
D6.4 Radiation tolerance assessment WP6 M58 25/03/2020 Achieved Report
D6.3 Performance characterisation results WP6 M58      
D9.7 Standard procedures for qualification and characterisation WP9 M58      
D6.8 Final report on HV/ HR CMOS devices WP6 M58      
D2.4 PoC projects assessment (final review and perspective of PoC supported projects) WP2 M60      
D2.5 Use of AIDA-2020 results WP2 M60      
D10.1 Transnational Access to CERN & DESY testbeams WP10 M60      
D11.1 Transnational Access to irradiation test facilities: CERN IRRAD, CERN GIF++, JSI, KIT, UCLouvain, UoB WP11 M60      
D12.1 Transnational Access to detector characterisation facilities: RBI & ITAINNOVA WP12 M60      

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