• Publications: Scientific publications associated with Aida-2020 work are stored in the CDS database. These publications include: journal publications, conference/workshop papers, scientific/technical notes, academic dissertations,  posters, presentations and handouts, press articles. 
  • Deliverables: As a contractual commitment to the European Union, the project has committed to a number of reports known as deliverables, which will be written and publicly accessible from the deliverables page.
  • Milestones: Throughout the project, milestones or checkpoints indicate the success of the project's progress. The full list of milestones is available on the milestones page, including reports where relevant.

Project reports

Document Publication date
AIDA-2020 1st Periodic Report January 2017
AIDA-2020 Mid-Term Report April 2017
AIDA-2020 2nd Periodic Report  June 2018


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