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Year 1

Mil. no. Milestone name WP no. Planned delivery date Actual delivery date Status Comments
MS1 Consortium Agreement signed 1 M1 05/06/2015 Achieved  
MS2 Project Website launched 2 M1 03/06/2015 Achieved Report
MS3 AIDA-2020 Kick-off meeting 1 M2 22/06/2015 Achieved Report
MS4 Project Communication Plan 2 M2 30/06/2015 Achieved Report
MS5 Network of Technology Transfer Officers established 2 M3 27/07/2015 Achieved Report
MS6 Non-disclosure Agreement and Background declarations ready 2 M3 05/06/2015 Achieved Part of the CA
MS7 Simulation workshop on HV/HR-CMOS TCAD and Geant4 simulations 6 M6 26/05/2016 Achieved


MS8 Advanced Mechanical Distributed facility requirements 9 M9 16/06/2016 Achieved Report
MS9 1st AIDA-2020 Annual meeting 1 M12 17/06/2016 Achieved Report
MS10 Criteria to define, identify, and select key technologies for the PoC Fund 2 M12 26/05/2016 Achieved Report
MS11 MPWR submission 6 M12 03/06/2016 Achieved Report
MS12 Optical system for the quality assessment of MPGD foil/ mesh mechanical tensioning 13 M12 26/04/2016 Achieved Report
MS13 Specification of systems for highly granular scintillator tests 14 M12 29/04/2016 Achieved Report
MS14 Assembly and QA chain demonstration for highly granular silicon calorimeters 14 M12 23/06/2016 Achieved Report
MS15 Design specifications of test stations for irradiated silicon sensors and LHC oriented frontend electronics 14 M12 24/06/2016 Achieved Report
MS16 Specifications for IRRAD sample & user management system and online database fixed 15 M12 08/06/2016 Achieved Report
MS17 Design of a transport system for neutron irradiations of large samples 15 M12 08/06/2016 Achieved Report

Year 2

Mil. no. Milestone name WP no. Planned delivery date Actual delivery date Status Comments
MS18 Design document for alignment Toolkit with tight coupling to DD4hep 3 M14 02/09/2016 Achieved Report
MS19 Design document for Event Data Model toolkit 3 M14 02/09/2016 Achieved Report
MS20 Design document for parallel algorithm scheduling mechanism 3 M14 02/09/2016 Achieved Report
MS21 Architectural review of deliverable chips in 65nm run 4 M14 12/07/2016 Achieved Report
MS22 Selection of SiGe foundry 4 M14 12/07/2016 Achieved Report
MS23 Selection of TSV process 4 M14 15/07/2016 Achieved Report
MS24 CFD models available 9 M14 25/08/2016 Achieved Report
MS25 Definition of detector interface standards with common DAQ 5 M15 15/08/2016 Achieved Report
MS26 First test beam campaign with initial sensor prototype assemblies 6 M16 21/12/2016 Achieved Report
MS27 First irradiation campaign with sensor prototype assemblies 6 M16 21/12/2016 Achieved Report
MS28 First functional HV/HR-CMOS assembly with capacitive interconnection 6 M16 30/09/2016 Achieved Report
MS29 Validation and release of TCAD simulation 7 M16 02/09/2016 Achieved Report
MS30 Identification of European company(s) interested in large area sensor production 2 M18 31/10/2016 Achieved Report 
MS31 Design of cooling systems for tungsten / carbonfibre and for hadron calorimeter structures 14 M18 31/10/2016 Achieved Report
MS32 Pixel telescope hardware assembled 15 M18 31/10/2016 Achieved Report
MS33 Environmental control system hardware installed 15 M18 24/10/2016 Achieved Report
MS34 New Frascati beam line components installed 15 M18 M41 Delayed Justification for delay
MS35 Test of various low cost silicon materials for fluence monitor concluded 15 M18 31/10/2016 Achieved Report
MS36 Concept of cold box evaluated and design fixed 15 M18 31/10/2016 Achieved Report
MS37 Design of the additional cosmic trackers on the other side of the source and on the side walls 15 M18 01/11/2016 Achieved Report
MS38 Review and selection of the project(s) to support through the PoC Fund 2 M20 24/01/2017 Achieved Report
MS39 Running prototype of USolids using SIMD instructions 3 M21 30/01/2017 Achieved Report
MS40 Running prototype for alignment Toolkit 3 M21 31/01/2017 Achieved Report
MS41 Running prototype for parallel algorithm scheduling mechanism 3 M21 31/01/2017 Achieved Report
MS42 Running prototype for Geant4 based simulation toolkit 3 M21 30/01/2017 Achieved Report
MS43 Trigger logic unit (TLU) design ready 5 M21 06/02/2017 Achieved Report
MS44 2nd AIDA-2020 Annual meeting 1 M24 28/04/2017 Achieved Report
MS45 1st AIDA-2020 “Academia meets Industry” event 2 M24 28/04/2017 Achieved Report
MS46 EUDAQ interfaces to other DAQs available 5 M24 23/06/2017 Achieved Report
MS47 Online event data model available 5 M24 09/06/2017 Achieved Report
MS48 Simulation tutorial on HV/HRCMOS TCAD and Geant4 simulations 6 M24 28/04/2017 Achieved Report
MS49 Workshop on 3D-planar 7 M24 27/04/2017 Achieved Report
MS50 LGAD thickness technological choice 7 M24 28/04/2017 Achieved Report
MS51 LGAD Workshop on the characterisation results of the available LGAD sensors 7 M24 27/04/2017 Achieved Report
MS52 High-rate RPC prototype ready 13 M24 30/03/2017 Achieved Report
MS53 Small-size prototype of the R-WGEM built and qualified 13 M24 19/04/2017 Achieved Report
MS54 Integrated FBG sensors for monitoring the mechanical tension of MPGD films and meshes 13 M24 31/05/2017 Achieved Report
MS55 Quality control system to ensure the electrical integrity of electrode patterns 13 M24 26/04/2017 Achieved Report
MS56 Commissioning of Fibre Test benches 14 M24 07/04/2017 Achieved Report
MS57 Design and test of ASICs and readout board prototype for the test infrastructure 14 M24 19/04/2017 Achieved Report
MS58 Definition of optical and electrical coupling of readout, interface functionality and DIF design 14 M24 13/04/2017 Achieved Report
MS59 Silicon strip reference tracker hardware ready 15 M24 08/12/2017 Achieved Report

Year 3

Mil. no. Milestone name WP no. Planned delivery date Actual delivery date Status Comments
MS60 AIDA-2020 Midterm Review 1 M25 15/05/2017 Achieved Report
MS61 Qualification of the new candidate materials for THGEM substrate 13 M26 16/06/2017 Achieved Report
MS62 Development of run control ready 5 M27 31/07/2017 Achieved Report
MS63 Final design review of 65nm CMOS chips 4 M30 23/10/2017 Achieved Report
MS64 Final design review of deliverable chips in SiGe run 4 M30 18/10/2017 Achieved Report
MS65 Final design review of deliverable D4.3 4 M30 30/10/2017 Achieved Report
MS66 TLU hardware, firmware and software ready for tests beams 5 M30 30/11/2017 Achieved Report
MS67 Data quality monitoring tools ready 5 M30 06/11/2017 Achieved Report
MS68 Slow control system ready 5 M30 18/12/2017 Achieved Report
MS69 Mechanical structure and supports for large, thin-gap RPCs 13 M30 30/10/2017 Achieved Report
MS70 Photon tagging components installed 15 M30 07/11/2017 Achieved Report
MS71 Progress review of the selected projects(s) for the PoC Fund 2 M34 19/02/2018 Achieved Report 
MS72 Bi-annual progress reports and meetings on purification and monitoring 8 M35 26/03/2018 Achieved Report
MS73 Bi-annual progress reports and meetings on ionisation charge readout 8 M35 26/03/2018 Achieved Report
MS74 Bi-annual progress reports and meetings on light readout 8 M35 26/03/2018 Achieved Report
MS75 Bi-annual progress reports and meetings on very high voltage 8 M35 26/03/2018 Achieved Report
MS76 Bi-annual progress reports and meetings on magnetisation 8 M35 26/03/2018 Achieved Report
MS77 Standard connectors available 9 M35 18/04/2018 Achieved Report
MS78 3rd AIDA-2020 Annual meeting 1 M36 30/04/2018 Achieved Report 
MS79 2nd AIDA-2020 “Academia meets Industry” event 2 M36 30/04/2018 Achieved Report
MS80 Common DAQ system ready for combined test beams 5 M36 19/04/2018 Achieved Report
MS81 Test beam campaign for 3D and planar sensors 7 M36 30/04/2018 Achieved Report
MS82 Validated CFD models ready 9 M36 19/06/2018 Achieved Report
MS83 Interfacing the FE chip VMM128, GEMROC, TIMEPIX3 to SRS 13 M36 30/04/2018 Achieved Report
MS84 Protocol and specifications for MPGD production and quality control 13 M36 26/06/2018 Achieved Report 
MS85 Installation and commissioning of instantaneous dose rate monitoring system 15 M36 03/04/2018 Achieved Report
MS86 Test of the different software modules as event display, camera position tracking and user interface 15 M36 19/04/2018 Achieved Report

Year 4

Mil. no. Milestone name WP no. Planned delivery date Actual delivery date Status Comments
MS87 MPW runs completion 7 M42      
MS88 Integration of USolids extensions for vectorisation in Geant4, ROOT and Geant Vector Prototype 3 M44      
MS89 Application of alignment toolkit to external tracker for PCMAG 3 M44      
MS90 Application of Event Data Model toolkit with high performance I/O to Linear Collider 3 M44      
MS91 Integration of parallel algorithm scheduling mechanism in Gaudi, Marlin and PandoraPFA frameworks 3 M44      
MS92 Application of advanced Particle Flow algorithms to CMS and LBNE 3 M44      
MS93 RPC performance results with ecofriendly gases and use of recirculation gas systems 13 M44      
MS94 PCB development using HDItechnology and 3D-mounting of chips for MPGD readout 13 M44      
MS95 Test report of deliverable D4.1 4 M46      
MS96 Test report of deliverable D4.2 4 M46      
MS97 Test report of deliverable D4.3 4 M46      
MS98 Validation radiation damage model with data comparison 7 M46      
MS99 Advanced Mechanical Distributed facility ready 9 M46      
MS101 4th AIDA-2020 Annual meeting (Marking the end of the fourth year of the project, Task 1.1) 1 M48      
MS100 AIDA-2020 Final meeting 1 M60      

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